Terms & Conditions

A.     Estimates shall be open for acceptance in writing for a period of 28 days from the date thereof after which Alliance reserve the right of modification or withdrawal.

B.     Written acceptanceof an Estimate in due time shall constitute a contract in which Alliance printed description of The Survey Report, the printed standard Specification of Wood Preservative Treatments, shall be recognised as incorporated with the Estimate and the Acceptance as contract documents.

C.     Alliance shall be entitled to charge interest on accounts overdue for more than one month at 2% above the Bank base lending rate and all expenses incurred in recovering the same shall be met by the Customer. All payments are to be made to Alliance, Maidenplain Ind Est, Aberuthven, Perthshire, PH3 1EL where this contract shall be deemed to have been made.

D.     Variation. Alliance reserve the right to substitute alternative materials and equipment and to use alternative methods of works and construction to those specified in the estimate or any other document issued by them, only where the specified materials and equipment are unobtainable or cannot be obtained within a reasonable period of time, in all cases such alternatives to be of substantially similar quality and performance.

E.      Fluctuations. Unless otherwise stated the contract price is based on the cost of labour, materials and all necessary services at the date of the estimate and increases or decreases in any such costs shall be a net addition to or deduction from the contract price.

F.      Fixtures and Fittings. All fixtures and fittings in working areas shall be removed by the customer before commencement of work and afterworks repaired and replaced by the customer in each case at the customer’s expense. Alliance may remove at the customer's extra expense any fixtures and fittings not so removed. Alliance shall not be responsible for any damage done to any fixtures or fittings (other than damage proved to be due to negligence on the part of Alliance. their servants or agents) and the customer shall indemnify Alliance against any claim for such damage. The expression "Fixtures and Fittings" shall include without prejudice to its generality pipes, cables, plaster decorations, furniture and furnishings.

G.     Structural Defects. Unless otherwise stated the estimate is upon the basis that the structures and foundations of the property are in good condition and if it is discovered that they are not in good condition then Alliance may by not less than seven days notice in writing to the customer determine the contract and thereupon the customer shall pay to Alliance the reasonable cost of all work carried out until such determination. Upon any determination, the customer will be responsible for all reinstatement work at his own expense. Alliance will not be responsible for deterioration caused by subsequent structural defects.

H.     Working Facilities.The Customer will at his own expense provide Alliance with:

a.       Unimpeded access for vehicles and workmen during all working hours to all areas to which access is necessary for carrying out the contract works.

b.       All facilities required for Alliance employees under the Construction (Health and Welfare) Regulations 1966 or any modification or replacement of them.

c.       Where relevant the written consent of any owner and/or occupier of adjoining property to the quoted treatment of party walls and to such access as may be necessary to such adjoining property for the purpose of carrying out work to the party walls or the provision of scaffolding. Alliance will not be liable for subsequent defects attributable to dampness originating from an adjoining property.

I.       Damage. Whilst reasonable care will be taken by Alliance, they will not be liable for any damage caused to polished floors or for the chemical staining of decorations caused by their materials and equipment.

J.       Value Added Tax. Unless otherwise stated prices and rates shown in all documents used by Alliance are exclusive of Value Added Tax which will, where applicable, be added to such rates at the rates prevailing from time to time and be paid by the customer.

K.     Delays. Any losses incurred by Alliance including losses in respect of wages and appropriate overheads, travelling expenses and plant hire, attributable to delays in the work beyond the direct control of Alliance shall be chargeable to and payable by the customer in addition to the contract price. It shall be a condition precedent to any liability for any delay alleged to be due to the default of Alliance Preservation that written details thereof are sent to Alliance within seven days of the delay commencing.

L.      Guarantee. Upon completion of the work and payment of their account in full within twenty-one days, Alliance will issue their guarantee, pursuant and subject to the terms of the contract, relating to rising damp, woodworm or fungal decay as appropriate in the attached form. Please note that all tanking treatments against Lateral Damp and surface treatments to solid floors are not covered by our usual guarantee.

M.    Re-Inspection. In the event of a claim being made under the guarantee, Alliance will require a deposit to cover the expense of examination, refundable in the event of the claim being found justified.

N.     Alliance shall not be responsible for any claims for loss or damage resulting from delays. Stoppages or hindrances of whatsoever kind in execution of the contract arising from circumstances out with the control of Alliance including industrial disputes. Any delivery date or date of completion must be regarded as approximate only and whilst every effort will be made by Alliance Preservation. to avoid delay, Alliance cannot accept liability for any loss direct or indirect arising from such.