Kitchen Refurbishment and Renovation Services Perth, Dundee & Fife Scotland



No other room in your home works as hard for your family as your kitchen does. First and foremost it’s a place for cooking – but it’s also a place for working, eating and relaxing.


But if your kitchen no longer meets your family’s needs, or if it’s showing its age, contact Alliance about our range of affordable kitchen refurbishment services.


If you’re happy with the general layout of your kitchen, but it’s all looking a bit tired, a simple kitchen refurbishment might be all you need. Our experts can freshen up your kitchen with new cupboard doors and appliances, or alter your current storage arrangements to better suit your lifestyle. They can also spruce up your existing space with new paint, flooring, worktops, windows, handles or taps. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a few small changes can make to the look of your kitchen – and the value of your home.


But if you’d prefer to start from scratch, Alliance also offers a full kitchen renovation service, from design through to the removal of your old kitchen and the installation of your new one.


Our service starts with an in-depth discussion with our design team. It’s your chance to tell us exactly what you want your new kitchen to do, what appliances you want to have and what your budget is. We’ll throw our own ideas for storage and other important features into the mix, draw up a few proposals and work with you to create a perfect final layout. 


When you’re happy with the fitted kitchen we’ve created together, you can start thinking about the little details that make such a big difference to the look of your kitchen: worktops, flooring, taps and handles. We work with a wide range of materials, styles and suppliers, so you’ll have a huge choice of options to bring your perfect space to life, no matter what your taste or budget.


When your kitchen is ready for installation, we’ll agree a mutually convenient time for our experienced and qualified craftsmen to see the job right through to the end.


The kitchen of your dreams is just a phone call away. Contact Alliance today.