What guarantees do you offer on your work?
What happens to my guarantee if I sell my house?
Are your guarantees insurance backed?
How do I make a claim against your guarantee?
How long do treatments for woodworm, rot and the like last?
How safe are the chemicals you use? Will I need to move out during treatment?
Do your tradesmen have the right qualifications/registrations for the work they are doing?
What trade bodies and organisations are you members of?
What does Alliance Property Services give back to the community?
Do you work with heating oil and gas?
Which areas of the country do you cover?
How do I get in touch if I have an emergency?
Will you deal with my insurers for me?
Do you supply and design kitchens and bathrooms?
I have a lot of odd jobs. Do you have a 'handyman'service?
How long are your quotes valid for?
Do you take on apprentices?
I'm a landlord. What sort of work and testing should I be doing regularly?
What if I have a comment or complaint about your service?
What sort of services do you offer for disabled or elderly customers?
I'd like to work for Alliance Property Services. How should I get in touch?